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Beatles II litter born 21 juli 2015. Pedigree

Mor: S*Ärenskogens Michelle            Far: S*Ärenskogens Les Masque

Gem litter born 8 may 2015.  Pedigree

Father Selena Light´s Star of Arenskogens            Mother S*Ärenskogens Black Beauty

Beatles litter born 8 oktober 2014. Pedigree

Far S*Ärenskogens Blue Berry Hill                        Mor SW`09 & IC S*Ärenskogens Star Light


Mattis litter born 9 september 2014. Pedigree

                    Far CH DK*Blytt Renato                                  Mor S*Ärenskogens Forever 


Black litter born 23 february 2014. Pedigree

Queen of Black                                           Renato

Power litter born16 september 2012. Pedigree

Mystery Healer                  Less Is More

Berry Hill kullen born 2011-12-08. Pedigree

 Propolis                                        Angel (Less is More) 

KingQueenkullen born 2011-09-26. Pedigree.

Salomon (King of Forest no II)                                 Miss Diana - Lilac


Healinglitter was born 2011-01-28 with this pedigree

Mozart                                                    Stjärnöga
IC S*Änglarnas Blue Fang                   IC & SW´09 S*Ärenskogens Star Light


Aloeveralitter was born 2010-07-18 with this pedigree

Janet                                                                        Linus
S*Ärenskogens Pacific Ocean CRX f 03        GIC S*Ärenskogens King of Forest CRX n


Finlandlitter was born 2010-06-28 with this pedigree

Mozart                                                     Lina
IC S*Änglarnas Blue Fang CRX a      CH S*Ärenskogens Queen of Forest CRX a 03

Linuslitter was born 2010-06-26 with this pedigree

Angel                                                                                    Linus
S*Änglarna's Less Is More CRX f                                GIC S*Ärenskogens King of Forest CRX n


Mountainlitter was born 2010-01-02 with this pedigree

Mozart                                                       Janet
IC S*Änglarnas Blue Fang CRX a                    S*Ärenskogens Pacific Ocean  CRX f 03



Junglelitter  was born 2009-12-19 with this pedigree

Mozart                                                                    Emma
S*Änglarnas Blue Fang CRX a                              IC S*Ärentunas Amiant CRX n


Lightlitter was born 2009-03-07 with this pedigree

CH S*Ärenskogens Queen of Forest                      CH S*Änglarna's Magic 8-Ball
blue-white bicolour                                                 blacksmoke bicolour



Oceanlitter  was born 2008-10-25 with this pedigree

IC S*Ärentunas Amiant CRX n                   S*Änglarnas Utah Unlimited CRX d 03


C-litter new pictures 27 oktober
Below is Linus 10 weeks

We have mated Lenni IC FIN*Piupaws Lennilokinpoikanen CRX a 03  with our own
Emma IC S*Ärentunas Amiant CRX n. The litter was born 2007-08-15.




Snobben, CH S*Vågens Nacka Skoglund CRX w 63 mated with Emma without our knowledge in the summer 2004 with Emma,
CH S*Ärentunas Amiant
CRX n. Emma is already pregnant on the picture.



This is Krille Krull, IC Nutmeg Who's To Blame CRX n.He mated our Bella IC Fuinrando Claudette CRX n. in autumn 2003.