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We are Janne och Barbro Andrén and we live in Alunda outside Uppsala.

When we moved together 2006 Janne had three Cornish rex from S*Ärentunas. Barbro had three house cats, one shorthair and two longhair, and a Flatcoated retriever which now became two.

We wanted a new cattery name but we wanted it to be a little bit like the old one. Because we live near the forest we choosed S*Ärenskogens.

Janne used to breed and exhibit Bengalese finches for many years. The Bengaleses have been Best in Show in both Swedish and Danish exhibitions. Barbro used to exihibit Standard Poodles. The greatest success was to be second on an dog exhibition in Great Stockholm. As you can see we have great experience and interest from breeding and exhibition. The rexes greatest success is Best in Show in Scandinavian Winner ’09.

We are always looking for the best available breeding males and females booth in beauty but also in temperament. It's not easy because they don't always follow each other.

When we choose partners we want at least one to have that extra good temperament - the other part must have good enough temperament. We have heard many compliments round the cats good temperament booth from judges and their assistents.

When it comes to beauty the partners could have the same good attributes but absolutely not the same not so good attributes. We work with a combination of reinforcement and of completing  the partners different attributes.

We always try to avoid going to catshows when we have kittens. Else you could bring diseases home before the immune system is complete and the vaccinations is done.

Barbro was a retailer of Aloe vera when we met. We all drink Aloe vera every day - booth man and animal. It makes the digestion system to function optimal. It preserves the balance between good and bad bacteries in the stomach. It increases the resorption of vitamines and antioxidants. It normalises the ph-value and prevents from an acid environment.

We also use the products on the outside of the body against wounds, burning and allergic symptoms. The products are fantastic. Now we have many customers and retailers to take great care of.